Saturday, August 24, 2019

Restaurant Design: Creating memorable experiences for guests

Restaurant design sets the stage for visitors and guests’ dining experience. And for this reason, not only good food and great customer service are important for the business business but the ambiance of a restaurant is also very crucial. For your customers to feel comfortable and enjoy food, the interior environment sets the stage.

At DA, Restaurant design is driven by meticulous planning and artful eye. The company's innovative design teams together with the clients, carefully orchestrate architectural elements, finishes, furnishings, accessories, lighting and art to create style, image and an inviting ambiance again and again.

The company's participatory approach have helped in clients' satisfaction. Here is how Director of the one of the leading chain expressed his experience, "We appreciate your principal's availability throughout the process and your willingness to really listen to our needs. We value your flexibility during the process of our projects in New Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh."

Partnerships and expert inputs is the key to the DA design approach.

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