Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reviving the Senses: Small Garden & In-house Greenery

By Minakshi Jaiswal
Interior Designer & Sub-Editor

Garden and greenery are the only places where we find ourselves close to us. Simple concept of ‘likes minds attracts’, our senses attract to nature and get relaxation close to it. Such green spaces inside our living space relax our souls and brains. Making greenery, a part of living room with the connected balcony or a small garden at the entrance foyer can revive the senses. Now let’s focus on how to do the planning and design a garden as per the respective type of spaces available in our houses.

Plan your garden & incorporate your requirements: Draft the existing garden/green space on a piece of paper and then draft the new plan which would include the changes. Now you can easily visualize the area’s you need to work on.

Material Consideration is something chosen on the basis of climatic conditions and maintenance. Like a combination of water body with some aquatic plant is not good for the northern part of country.

Fashionable Plants/Planting Style & Artifacts: These are the articles of your green space which start putting life into it. Thinking Colors is a best way as it makes you select plants with beautiful hues of petals and leafs. An Ultimate low maintenance garden - It should not be complicated enough to manage in our daily basis life.

Paint / Mosaic –for dull walls:  If you have unsettled walls in your garden then paint them in some odd color to green or mosaic art can also be opted. This way, it will add a feature to the space without any dismantling or construction.

Extended Flooring (like Decking, laminated wood or Tiles). It varies if the space is a balcony and if it’s a foyer. To merge the living area and green space you can extend the same flooring from living spaces to open spaces. It will add a feel of area enlargement as well as mixing of the nature and man-made.

Enhancing the space with Elements like Colorful Plants is a revitalizing process. Bonsai is a kind of miniature gardening. The millennia-old art form, still going strongly today!   In Japanese, bonsai can be literally translated as 'tray planting' but since originating in Asia, so many centuries ago - it has developed into a whole new form. To begin with, the tree and the pot form a single harmonious unit where the shape, texture and colour of one, compliments the other. Then the tree must be shaped. It is not enough just to plant a tree in a pot and allow nature to take its course - the result would look nothing like a tree and would look very short-lived.

Romantic Settings should be a part of lawn or balcony so that the environment which is created can be lived with too. A space to spend some beautiful time with your family and your settings must be as per that.

Restful Sound like falling water or tinkles of wind chimes with the least flow of air. Soothing scents & Soft Lights Warmth are the life of lawns. Its beauty in dark is intensified by the effect of these lights.

Finally using the set of all these components you will come up with a shell in your den where you can revive your senses in every respect to the closeness to nature and yourself.