Saturday, August 31, 2019

Interiors: Orchestrating elements to bring grace to life

DA emphasizes creativity, craftsmanship and design management. "The use of artful elements to enhance our Brand image across offices in India, without wasteful expenditure has helped create Value through your design of spaces," reviews one of the company's satisfied client.

Design Atelier believes that the building crafts are the founding premise of all artistry and design activity. The designers at the company engage with the variety of related professions to develop more holistic and inclusive solutions for the formation of more humane design that responds to a future society. Design should bring grace to life and that matters! 

The team of designers at DA work hard to break down the segregation of inside, outside, building and landscape, and interpret our knowledge of the modern world to translate building elements into something new and intrinsically meaningful. Design Atelier's concerns in design are therefore a subtle blend of modernity and tradition, East and West, formal and picturesque.

Design Atelier
B-4, Pamposh Enclave,
New Delhi - 110048,
Tel.: +91 11 4100 9927-28

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