Sunday, June 30, 2019

Can discarded plastic bottles be used as sand?

We know that PET bottles can not be recomposed and therefore they add to existing heaps of garbage. However, there has been an attempt to use these discarded PET bottles in the construction industry! If this becomes reality, then these plastic bottles will actually reduce the construction costs! 
A unique strategy for construction of low-cost concrete structures by additive manufacturing of a cement based composite made from recycled PET bottles as replacement of sand is being developed by Anuradha Suryavanshi and co-researcher Elisabeth Riederer from Germany had conducted the research at the Architectural Association, London.

“As marine sand which is suitable for concrete construction is becoming scarce, concrete construction too is becoming expensive. Hence, there is need for an alternative building material,” said Anuradha. The material made from PET bottles reduces the quantity of sand used in concrete structures by nearly 13 %, thereby helping to save 10 to 15% in cost.

“Using this new material made purely out of waste, we can create decorative elements like elevation panels, partitions, fa├žades, blocks and bricks. It can act as a replacement for metal sheets and is a sustainable alternative,” explained Anuradha.