Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creative New Housing Solutions for Owner - Collaborators

By Abdul Bari
Architect/ Urban Designer

All Singing ... All Dancing Urban Living in Future!
As land values rise to stupendous levels, an owner, exercises  options to unlock his land value by putting up part of his FAR in a  collaborative redevelopment project while retaining his address, ownership and lifestyle in future. 

But then get into the minds of the builder-owner duo and you get a dizzying set of problems to solve. A vertical division of the permissible FAR, Division of front facade in ratio of the ownership and a mix of apartment types suited to different family structures, future ownership changes and the market for rental income in the locality. Designers would be proud of the all singing all dancing model that meets all the above criteria. Watch this space for a choice of alternative styles for asymmetrical contemporary or symmetrical neo classical fa├žade options.

This was the response to the Owner’s call of having distinct identities for the one-third/two-third FAR divisions.  This very intelligently catered to the building regulation of having no projections beyond 2’ from the building line unless its a 3’ balcony. Planter boxes, steEl fins/frames and wardrobe masses were used to create a capsule composition.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick and Dirty Presentation Technique for Architects in a Hurry

Its always interesting to see how designers communicate their ideas and work. And in the case of young architects, most often than not, it is the main obstacle in the communication of their design intent. 

We almost naturally came up with this technique which worked quite well for the short time it was accomplished in! Below is the pictorial explanation of this technique: 

A Hand Sketch + A Google Sketch + A Power Point = A Quick Design Presentation