Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why wood is the best choice in building materials

Wood is a unique building material which is environment friendly and consumes the least amount of energy when processed. Moreover, the wood has the property of storing carbon and has a very low carbon footprint compared to non-wood materials. One of the exceptional quality of wood is its capacity to maintain the quality of a living organism even after tree felling and therefore is also capable of absorbing unpleasant odours. The wood is porous and hence it can absorb bad odours.

Use of wood in construction and architecture is preferred because it allows for a high degree of prefabrication, rapid installation on site and immediate occupation. Wood creates a pleasant feeling in your apartments, offices and restaurants. wood's resistance against earthquakes is excellent and can conveniently enhance the usability of a space in numerous ways.

Wood is excellent because of its favorable relationship between density and strength. Wood is known for its low thermal conduction, acoustic and elastic qualities. Wood is healthy option as it does not causes allergies and is not radioactive. It balances the humidity in the air and smells nice. Its anti-static is well known.

Wood allows for the highest degree of prefabrication and rapid assembly, due to its dry construction, moving in is possible immediately eventually resulting in lower loan cost

Wood is environment friendly and can store CO2 for decades and even centuries!

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