Saturday, February 9, 2013

Green Building Solutions: Photovoltaic Power Station

One of the major objective of green building or a green renovation is the energy efficiency. Photovoltaic panels can be a key ingredient in energy self-sufficiency. To convert sunlight into electricity, a photovoltaic power station is installed on rooftops of residential or commercial buildings. This system uses one or more photovoltaic panels and include photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, Solar inverters and other electrical accessories.

The photovoltaic power systems don’t need much attention once installed since there are no moving parts. They are durable and work for at least 20 years. A photovoltaic power station prevents costly power failures when constant power is essential and are reliable and sturdy even in harsh conditions. Operates silently and with minimal movement, these power stations on your roof do not require the use of combustible fuels and are very safe when properly designed and installed.

Many people now advocate that the installation of photovoltaic power systems should be made mandatory on all buildings. The PV system is eco-friendly, helps in controlling global warming and no doubt saves money for the user in the long run.

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