Sunday, October 2, 2011

REVIT Coffee Club

By Minakshi Jaiswal, Interior Architect

As Autodesk launched the latest version of ‘REVIT – Architecture’, we have been excited to work on Building Information Modeling, mainly as the software was developed keeping in mind how designers and architects work. Not surprising then that it is upgrading the work pattern of the industry. The software understands the process of creating a sketch, and through to making a full fledged detailed building “model” in the process Architects and Designers follow.  Design Atelier organized a workshop in collaboration with Autodesk authorized trainers, to upgrade the team to ‘REVIT – Architecture’ from the one time favorite ‘AutoCAD’. After many internal discussions and feedback from the team and Autodesk, the workshops continued for 45 days, the team accepting the new challenge, we are now revit Compliant! 

Over several cups of tea and coffee, the software slowly turned friendly from tricky and the concepts got stronger. Autodesk authorized trainers helped bring the team to running projects with this software. The team spirit and urge to learn was helped form the spirit of a club. After an excellent workshop and practice, team has begun to feel the comfort of REVIT. I am glad to share that a full fledged team is right now handling multiple projects with REVIT. And they are producing very fruitful and time bound results too. 

Over the final workshop days, the Revit TEAM, was surprised to find a big poster on the ground floor Conference door, that launched the ‘REVIT Coffee Club’. With its fuming coffee clipart in the middle of first two words, we are usually delighted to share, that its always great to be part of something new, and It’s always wonderful to learn something knew. One never knows where the Idea was born, nor when it became real and got implemented too. and but work sure is “FUN” now at Design Atelier’s new REVIT COFFEE CLUB.

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