Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Directions for Living Roofs and Walls

The evolving technology of green roofs has been leading to the use of greater diversity in their designs. After years of implementing green roof designs, the international industry has seen a steady move towards more diversity in both elements of construction and plant materials. What is most fascinating of the improvement in green roof design is the use of plants on these roofs which, along with other naturally decomposing materials, aid in greater biodiversity. No longer are sedums the only plants that are being used on green roofs. At the EcoBuild Conference in London 2010, exhibits featured new green roof designs showing a greater use of ornamental grasses and other flowering plants including some bulbs.

Germany and Austria have been the leaders in green roofs for many decades now. In Linz, Austria, all new construction built after 1985 must have a green roof installed on it. The change has been remarkable. Green roofs and living walls are beneficial for our environment in reducing urban heat island conditions, reducing dust, cooling spaces, and habitat for several species in an urban.

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